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Connecticut Elections




    Search Connecticut Elections!



Next elections: May 2009 (May municipal elections)

May 4, 2009 municipal elections 


Previous Elections

May 7, 2007 municipal elections

November, 2007 municipal elections


Browse by municipality.


List of News Sources




Note: A great template for a town page is here. Check it out!


Welcome to the Connecticut Election wiki! This site is a repository of information about current elections in Connecticut.


With your help, this site will grow to become the most comprehensive online source of information for voters as the November elections draw near.




We need your help editing these pages! If you see a link with a dotted red line under it, that means that that particular page has not been created yet. You can help us create it! For this project to be successful, we need help from people all over Connecticut who know a lot more about local races than we do.



To edit this page, you'll need the password. It's election for right now. It may change in the future.



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